Would you like Sosido to feature the work of YOUR research group? Try it free in 2019.

Would you like to:

  • Raise the profile of the work of the researchers in your hospital, university, association or research network?
  • Learn about your colleagues’ papers as soon as they’re released?
  • Make it easy for your staff track the publications of team members, and keep CVs up to date?
  • Receive bibliometrics reports on the research output of your group?
  • All without any work for you, your staff, or your team members?

For information about a 6-month free trial of Sosido for your research group, contact tanis@sosido.com.

Sosido is an online network for healthcare professionals to share published research and clinical knowledge, connecting members within research groups, and across silos of specialty and region. Sosido is a global, multidisciplinary network, with over 35 groups and 18,000 clinicians and researchers participating from around the world. More about Sosido.

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