How does Sosido work?

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Members receive a weekly email digest which provides a summary of the activity in their community. So members don’t have to log in to participate, and anything that’s important will come to their inbox.

Members can ask and answer clinical practice questions. Members can participate online or by email, and can choose to make discussions available across multiple associations on Sosido.

Members receive updates on new publications authored by their association colleagues. Sosido automatically delivers a current and complete snapshot of the work of a community, without effort by members.

Highlights of association research and resources are broadcast to related associations on Sosido.

Members receive and can quickly scan the latest articles from journals feeds and other knowledge sources chosen by them.

Sosido provides support to ensure an active and engaged community. For example, our community managers verify and post publications, reach out to members and experts to encourage responses to questions, and highlight association activity to related organizations.

For more information, see our slide tour of Sosido or contact us.

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