About Sosido

Sosido (sosido.com) is a global, multidisciplinary, online knowlege-sharing network designed to speed the sharing of clinical knowledge amongst healthcare professionals and researchers. Launched in 2011 and based out of Vancouver, Canada, there are currently over 40 groups (see all groups) and 22,000 clinicians and researchers active on the Sosido network.

Associations and healthcare groups join the Sosido network to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange within their membership, helping their members to create more connected communities, stay on top of the latest research, and share clinical knowledge to improve patient care.

How does Sosido work?

> Group members receive a weekly email digest with a summary of activity in their community. Members don’t have to log in to participate, and anything that’s important will come to their inbox. The digest contains:

> News and updates from your association, pulled automatically from your group’s website, blog or Twitter feed.

> A summary of new publications authored by your association colleagues. Sosido automatically tracks and features member publications, providing a current and complete snapshot of the work of your community, without effort by members.

> New questions and answers in your association’s discussion forum. Members can ask and answer clinical practice questions in a secure members-only discussion forum.

> New articles from your chosen journal feeds. Your association chooses a few feeds to start, and members can change their feeds to suit their own interests.

Members can customize their digest to change their journal feeds or follow other associations of interest.

For more information, see our slide tour of Sosido or contact us.

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