Speeding the Exchange of Clinical Knowledge.

Sosido (www.sosido.com) is an online network for healthcare professionals to share published research and clinical knowledge. It connects members within a specialty community, and broadcasts important work across silos of centre, discipline and disease.

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University of Calgary researchers analyze Sosido data to reveal scientific publication trends in the Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine: Is research activity by clinical medical physicists in decline?

Researchers from the University of Calgary analyzed Sosido publication data over a 3-year period to reveal trends in academic output for CCPM-certified medical physicists. They found that earlier-career medical physicists READ MORE…

Sosido welcomes the members of the Statistics & Methodology Applied Rheumatology Training (SMART) community

This week we welcome the members of the¬†Statistics & Methodology Applied Rheumatology Training (SMART) community¬†to Sosido, pleased to support SMART’s goals to improve the interpretation and clinical application of research READ MORE…