Speeding the Exchange of Clinical Knowledge.

Sosido (www.sosido.com) is an online network for healthcare professionals to share published research and clinical knowledge. It connects members within a specialty community, and broadcasts important work across silos of centre, discipline and disease.

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Launching the Global Nursing Alliance on COVID-19 (GNAC-19)

This week we are launching a new community on Sosido called the Global Nursing Alliance on COVID-19 (GNAC-19) which connects 7,500+ nurses from around the world to share research and experience during READ MORE…

Welcome to the new PSOLVE+ community on Sosido

This week we’re delighted to welcome PSOLVE+, the online learning community for Canadian physicians with an interest in psoriasis and other dermatology conditions. Read more about PSOLVE+.

The HIVE community launches on Sosido

This week we’re delighted to welcome to Sosido a new community called the Health Innovation Virtual Engagement (HIVE), a cross-specialty learning community for Canadian physicians, to support collaboration and enhance READ MORE…